Summer rolls around, or the winter break

Summer rolls around, or the winter break,

 and you're planning a getaway for your family and hopefully Buster Brown the family dog. Just as you would thorough prepare for your children, the same consideration goes for Buster. He deserves careful thought as well.

After all you want the trip to be enjoyable for him too, don't you? The first line of preparation is to look online to find "pet welcoming" and not just "pet friendly" hotels for that will accommodate the family and Buster Brown as a unit. Just remember there is a definite difference between "pet friendly" and "pet welcoming". When you actually call the potential hotel your clan will be lodging in, your gut instinct will immediately let you know if this is the place where you should or should not stay. Just listen for the tone of the voice of the other person on the end of the line when you ask about pet accommodations.

When you are bringing your children on a trip, you're going to naturally pack plenty of toys, video games, clothes and an emergency first-aid kit. Well Buster deserves to have his own "suitcase" too. His supplies should include dog food, waste bags, doggie bed and blanket, bottled water, seat-belt and a crate, plus any medical records, dog tags and necessary medications. When you children travel with you, do you always get a list of emergency hospitals nearby? Please do the same with Buster Brown, because emergencies can and often do happen, and it's always smart to be prepared. This could save the life of your child and your pet. All you have to do is keep this list in your phone or on your laptop that you'll be taking with you on vacation. It's as easy as that. Be sure to schedule time for several rest stops along the way so Buster can stretch his legs, along with the rest of the family.

Many hotels will happily accommodate both children and pets alike. They will often offer kid activities and sitting services, while you and your spouse spend some quality time alone. For Buster, there will sometimes be sitting services, along with day spa services too. Just remember that these amenities don't come free, and there will be a definite charge. But the extra money will be well spent, because it will make the trip more enjoyable for all parties involved. Call ahead and ask about the amenities and the costs/fees involved. See if you can reserve in advance, so when you actually get there, you're not stuck having to fill out forms at the front desk, while Buster and the rest of the family anxiously wait for you in the hotel lobby.


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